Tuesday, January 26, 2010

q and a (music.)

I haven't quite jumped on this formspring bandwagon yet, but I've gotten this question quite a bit lately so I figured I'd settle the score.

q: What are the artists and songs that play on your web site?

a: In no particular order (because it's set to play at random):
Puscifer "The Mission"
Morcheeba "Trigger Hippie"
Nine Inch Nails "Where Is Everybody?"
Nine Inch Nails "The Mark Has Been Made"

OK, so all that good stuff and why no Tool if I'm the biggest Maynard fan in the world? Well, most of my favorite Tool songs are around 8 minutes long or longer, and that's no fun to wait for to load. Plus, if you spend more than 8 minutes on my web site, you'll probably go blind anyway. :p

(Credits were on my site, but when I reworked the looks of everything about a month ago everything disappeared. I'll address that shortly.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Tara, just found your site and I think your photography's really great. It's nice to see some photos of my cousin Dani on here too - he's changed since I last saw him 15 years ago!

Tara said...

Hi Anonymous! :) Dani was baffled as to who you could be and said he wishes you left your name so it didn't have to be 15 years before you see each other again!

Thank you for the lovely compliments!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, wasn't expecting it to say 'Anonymous said' in huge writing like that.

Tell him it's 'Englishman' ;)