Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ashley, school four (jacksonville model photography.)

IMG_9143 copy

IMG_9108 copy

IMG_9097 copy

IMG_9048-2 copy

IMG_9077 copy

live long and prosper.

IMG_9070 copy

IMG_9062 copy

IMG_9095 copy

euphoria sucks.

IMG_9131 copy

IMG_9115 copy



Star Bradshaw said...

I love the one where she's pointing out the doorway....but that last one ROCKSSSSSS! You need to enter it into a contest somewhere- stat!

laura evans/photography said...

these are stunning!

Jennifer Ring Photography said...

Wow- awesome location, beautiful subject and AMAZING photography.

BH said...

Beautiful. :) I particularly like the one that you chose for the opening of the website. Nice job. :)

BH said...

Can I get a hi res copy of the last one in this series. Thanks. :)

Brandi Tolliver said...

Oh my, Tara!! These ROCK!! But of course, you knew that already :)

Do you offer classes on lighting? I am in love with your lighting technique!! Genius!!

Tara said...

I do. :) http://triggerhappytara.com/#/shootouts/

These were done with a single off-camera flash and radio triggers.