Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July Art Walk: Christina Wagner, Amy Hendrickson @ The Florida Theatre (live concert photography.)

Running a little behind in posting stuff this month. I swung by the Florida Theatre during Art Walk earlier this month for the free concerts and found local fav Christina Wagner, as well as Amy Hendrickson from St. Augustine.

I hadn't been inside the theatre since I was in 2nd grade I do believe, and I remember going there for a Spanish class field trip, to see Flamenco dancers. I had a little pink 110 film camera and the ushers took it away from me during the performance! My teacher had to go beg for it back before we left. :)

Nothing seemed to have changed, and I got a nice little tour of the backstage area and the wings before the performances started. The place truly is a gem.

florida theater ceiling

florida theater seats

The lighting onstage was to die for!

christina wagner

christina wagner 3

christina wagner 5

amy hendrickson 6

amy hendrickson 3

amy hendrickson 4

And a little bit of random... I95 from the Cummer Museum at midnight.

I95 at midnight


BH said...

The Florida Theater is rich in history and is supposed to be haunted. (Attn: Ghosthunters!)

Do tell? What was going on at the Cummer at midnight? I really like that pic. May have to persuade my sources to send me a high res copy. Hint hint. ;)

Oeil Photography said...

these are so fantastic!!

Oeil Photography said...

These are fantastic!!!

Tara said...

Nothing was going on... I was at Starlite with my camera so I took a walk a few blocks to the river. :)