Monday, July 13, 2009

Dallas is almost here!

A group of Beth's close friends and family got together Sunday afternoon for a fun baby shower for Beth and baby Dallas! I shot some maternity photos of her back in May and we'll be finishing up this Thursday with her last session before Dallas is born. Then tiny little newborn photos!

We're all so excited for Beth, and certainly can't wait to meet little Dallas.

The shower was so much fun. Instead of traditional shower games, we did some things that reflect Beth's passion for art, life, and little ones.

Beth and her mom and grandma did a great job decorating.

beths baby shower 008

beths baby shower 028

beths baby shower 032

Beth and some of her family are vegan, so the party was full of healthy alternative snacks like fruit platters and "un-chicken" salad, which was fantastic. :) Her sister, Lauren, made THE tastiest vegan lemon cake ever!


We all took turns "tattooing" Beth's belly with finger paints. Everyone got to add whatever they wished. Beth's mom went first. (I can't get over how much they look alike!)

beths baby shower 010

happy belly

I've deducted that probably none of us should attempt to become tattoo artists. ;)

Beth decided not to find out the sex of the baby ahead of time, but everyone seems to think she's going to have a girl.

painted belly

Everyone brought such thoughtful gifts! She got some very practical things and some very personal gifts as well.

I spent about 3 days making this quilt. It's got a leopard print top, purple flannel on the inside, and is decorated with a huge "d" made of black yo-yos. :) Beth is a great seamstress and gave me two beautiful pillows for my living room last week. I was so nervous about how this would turn out, because she's so much better than I!

beths baby shower 138

beths baby shower 007

Beth also got back the receiving blankets that her grandma originally made for Beth's oldest child, Kenyon. Between Kenyon and Dallas, they've also been used for Beth's son, Riley, and their cousins, Shaylee and Sunny. I'm sure they'll continue to pass them down when more children are born!

One of the best parts of the day was the making of the birthing necklace. Beth has chosen to deliver Dallas at home, like she did with Kenyon and Riley. Her sister Lauren contacted us all ahead of time and asked us to bring a special bead - something that symbolizes positive energy or that is sentimental - to string onto a necklace for Beth to wear when she goes through labor and delivery.

I chose a set of two glass hearts. One is bigger than the other, so it was the perfect symbol of the love Beth will surely feel on Dallas's birthday. Others brought beads that symbolized good luck, family ties, and health. Another of Beth's friends brought a bead from a necklace that belonged to someone close to her that recently passed away.

birthing necklace

beths baby shower 105

We all certainly can't wait for Dallas to get here! And I can't wait to shoot the last set of maternity portraits for Beth this week. Check back for those soon!


Jennifer Ring Photography said...

What a great alternative baby shower- great ideas! Not many moms-to-be would be able to sit around their shower in a bikini. Mucho props to Beth and I can't wait to see more pictures of her. Congrats

BH said...

"He" or "she" doesn't matter. I'm sure Dallas will be as beautiful as Beth's other children. They are adorable. :) And...she and her mom look so much alike they could be sisters! :)

Anonymous said...

Beth is absolutely gorgeous, especially as a pregnant woman. Great captures! She really does look just like her mother, and you can tell exactly who her sister is. I am so happy for her.