Thursday, June 11, 2009

June Strobist Group Shoot - Coming Soon!

Location, location, location. I think I picked a good one. I'm going through my edits now and can't wait to see everyone else's work!

We had a small, intimate group - two models and four photographers. The entire shoot from start to finish was laid-back and fun, no pressure, and full of spur of the moment creativity. It was great to get to work alongside other photographers that can pull a shot out of nowhere and make it up as they go along!

Special thanks to our models, Ashley and Tina for being up for anything, including braving fiddler crabs crawling all around, and I won't even start on how bad the "skeeters" were.

Full post coming soon.

IMG_0057 copy

IMG_0025 copy


BH said...

Can't wait to see em! :)

Oeil Photography said...

thanks for not posting any of my fat butt. thank you. LOL!!!!