Sunday, June 7, 2009

D-Day Party Crazybooth!

We kind of look for excuses such as random holidays and such to have get-togethers. We had a D-Day Cookout last night and all our neighborhood friends came. I set up the Crazybooth for some fun action shots!

Corn makes us all very happy.

friends 136-2

friends 134-2

friends 139-2

friends 138-2

friends 189-2

friends 129-2

friends 147-2

friends 212-2

friends 133-2

friends 192-2

friends 209-2

friends 211-2

friends 144-2

friends 213-2

friends 199-2

friends 127-2

friends 223-2

friends 224-2

The Crazybooth is always available to make an appearance at your party or wedding! :D