Thursday, May 28, 2009

Behind the scenes at trigger happy

I can't post any of the actual show live yet, but here are some behind the scenes shots from the photo pit at the show I shot in Orlando at Club Firestone last weekend.

Mayhem fans

Mayhem fans

(Well, doesn't that one guy look like a party pooper! ^ )

Crowd at Cephalic Carnage

Cephalic Carnage is a deathgrind band from Colorado and they have a song making fun of black metal, hence the mask and gauntlets. The singer, Lenzig Leal, whipped out his camera and started shooting the crowd, then noticed me in the photo pit. :)

Lenzig Leal of Cephalic Carnage shooting me in the photo pit from onstage.

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Jess Cumbie said...

Some day you're going to be bloggin these things from the road, on the way to another show.....