Sunday, April 26, 2009

kids (vilano beach family portrait photography.)

Funny how I went from exclusively shooting kids to what I do now. Ahhhh I miss it sometimes. Beth brought the kids out to the beach the other evening while I was shooting the last posted set of the surfer bride, so I gave them a shot, trigger happy style.

Don't get to do this much anymore, it was fun!

IMG_5276 copy

Mr. Riley Cash. Such a charmer already.

IMG_5375 copy

IMG_5297 copy copy

And Miss Kenyon Annabelle, aka Miss Independent. She knows everything that there is to know about everything, especially fashion and how to rock some photos. No kidding.

IMG_5291 copy copy

A master and rockin the heck out of that scarf:

IMG_5290 copy copy

And some flops, bruises included:

IMG_5299 copy

We grabbed a few shots on the beach walkover:

IMG_5338 copy

IMG_5343 copy

Then Riley decided to throw his shoes over.

IMG_5357 copy

And last but not least, hot tamale once again!

IMG_5372 copy


BH said...

Those are just too cute! You should do more of these. :)

Happy Mother's Day (early), Beth. :)

Anonymous said...

Her daughter looks just like her. These are so lovely. I really like them. What a beautiful family.