Monday, July 12, 2010

toga party (st. augustine/vilano beach fashion photography.)

Oh, Beth.

I think we continue to amaze each other each and every time we shoot together. She was heading to a toga party Saturday night, so we met up beforehand to get some shots of her killer costume.

Is that not the hottest toga you've ever seen, ever?!

IMG_4293 copy


IMG_4265 copy

IMG_4259-2 copy

IMG_4274 copy

IMG_4271 copy

IMG_4288 copy

IMG_4277 copy

IMG_4278 copy

IMG_4304 copy

IMG_4307 copy

IMG_4302 copy

IMG_4308 copy

IMG_4326 copy

IMG_4331 copy

IMG_4321 copy

IMG_4310 copy

IMG_4342 copy

IMG_4339 copy

IMG_4349 copy

IMG_4363 copy

IMG_4369 copy

IMG_4367 copy

IMG_4366 copy

IMG_4373 copy

IMG_4370 copy

IMG_4386 copy

IMG_4336 copy

IMG_4394 copy

IMG_4388 copy

IMG_4399 copy

(On a side note, I shot outside my "comfort zone" all week! Didn't do a single shot with artificial light. It felt funny.)


Sarah Dial said...

LOVE LOVE! You rock girl! The one in the pink door frame is my fave!

Candi said...

My fav was the one of her in the doorway of the pink and blue room. Awesome pics...Very hot toga model!

elizabeth reeb said...

oh, tara. you do continue to amaze me everytime we shoot!! You are rediculously talented! You rock!