Wednesday, April 28, 2010

crystal (st. augustine underwater photography - with light bulbs! )

Crystal is one of my former brides -and a repeat offender, she also hired me to shoot a special reunion within her family a couple months ago- and, well, she kicks ass.

We struggled with 35mph gusts of wind and handfuls of light bulbs and it was totally worth it. In my previous post I gave away my secrets on how I got the shots of Courtney in the springs. This one, however, was shot all stills with the camera on a 10-second delay self timer. Same waterproof box procedure as before. I kind of don't want to give away my secret for the light bulbs, but it wasn't quite as chaotic and scary as it might seem. ;)

IMG_2353 copy

IMG_2328 copy

IMG_2279 copy

IMG_2265 copy

IMG_2321 copy

The last one is probably my favorite from the whole hour we spent in the pool, for the simple fact that it's entirely uncropped and unedited except desaturation. She's just that pretty.

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Oeil Photography said...

flippin genius! i love the lightbulbs too!!