Saturday, March 13, 2010

bowling night (it's not what you think.)

I recently helped plan a fun night out bowling for local photographers, models, and stylists at Beach Bowl in Jax Beach. The bowling alley was jam packed Thursday night for cosmic bowling, so we wound up not staying for too long and decided to hit the studio for some impromptu shooting. Facebook Fans have already seen some of them, but I had to save the "better" stuff for the blog. :)

call to duty

IMG_9660 texture

IMG_9580 copy

busch in a can

big wall

big wall 3

big wall 2

IMG_9694 copy

IMG_9604 copy

Much thanks to Adam for studio use!


Jess Cumbie said...

I love all the photos with the white space... these are great!!!!

Jennifer Ring Photography said...

oooohh! I just LOVE the last one with the white background. the pose is so awesome;) Looks like fun!