Tuesday, January 19, 2010

give it up for... haiti!


I'm teaming up with photog Ezra Marcos, Burro Bags, and Anomaly THIS SUNDAY in 5 Points to raise money for relief in Haiti!

Here's the deal:
This Sunday the 24th, from 10am until it gets dark, we'll be shooting FREE 15-minute sessions in front of Anomaly (1021 Park Street in 5 Points). All you have to do is show up and write a check for ANY amount to the Yele Foundation or UNICEF. We'll have stamped envelopes ready for you, all you have to do is write the check and drop it in the mailbox. We are using the "honor system" here, so you'll be responsible for mailing your check in the provided envelopes. During that time we'll get your contact info so we can send you your images. That's it!!

We are kid and pet friendly, and no appointment is necessary, just show up and get shot!

(Of course if you would like to book a specific time slot, you can email me.)

PLEASE feel free to repost this on your blog, twitter, facebook, send mass emails, whatever to spread the word! SEE YOU SUNDAY!

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BH said...

I used to work, many years ago, for Ma Bell as International Operator. One of the countries that we handled calls to was Haiti. This country was so desperately poor. Haitians in the US would go to a pay phone to call home. They had to make an appointment for their family to come to the phone company in Haiti to receive their call (usually the next day, because they were too poor to have a phone. When the appointed time came, the person in the US chunked about $9 in change into the pay phone to speak for only 3 minutes. This was a king's ransom back in the 70's. Not much has improved economically since those days in Haiti and now a terrible natural disaster. The average wage before the earthquake was $2 per day and the literacy rate is around 66 percent. (Read more facts about Haiti at Wikipedia.org.) These folks need our help and our prayers. I am proud of you T for taking a stand to help these people. :)

Donate if you can people!