Sunday, November 29, 2009

the thanksgiving crazybooth

Holidays with my family usually aren't what most people experience with their families. We deep fry our turkey redneck-style, we don't dress up, we hang out in the backyard with beers and the all the family's dogs (we do include them in almost everything), and we sit around in the living room with big Chinette paper plates on our laps instead of around a big table with fancy china and big heavy forks.

This year, I opted to bring the trigger happy crazybooth along and see what happened. :)

World, meet my family.

Here's mom, my brother Jonathan, sister in law Courtney, uncle Walter, my grandma, me, and my husband Dani.


mix strip

dani me strip

mom chop dani strip

me strip

courtney dani strip

mom n grandma strip

mom n dani strip



fryin pan 2

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Thanksgiving! :)


laura evans/photography said...

i love love love this ... the idea, the photos, i want one!!

BH said...

Yes, it was a CRAZY booth (ahem) bunch! LOL :)