Sunday, November 22, 2009

more awesome things to do with your wedding photographs

I can't be any more delighted than when I get to shoot with other creative minds... aka people who "get it". :) My recent bride, Crystal, went all out with her photos after they were completed, opting to scrapbook with the files and create some artsy pieces for her and her husband Rob's home, instead of the traditional album.

Crystal recently posted some awesome pictures of what she's been up to with her wedding photos and I just had to share! I love these!


I believe she said this one is Rob's favorite. This is one of earlier shots from the day we spent together and Crystal said they had to pull out the boxes of tissues to keep looking through the CD of photos!


And this.... just WOW!


It's so great to see what people do with their photos after all the wedding commotion dies down and they really have time to take it all in. I love seeing the couple's own perspective on creativity and how they finally choose to display my work in their homes. Amazing!

I'm not greedy with my files. I believe that since I drag my clients almost to hell and back sometimes for their weddings and sessions just to get the most killer shots, I owe you a little something back for being a good sport, right?! They're your photos and you deserve to love the heck out of 'em! That's why all my wedding arsenals include a CD of photos PLUS printing rights, so the options really are endless. Of course you can always order the big stuff (canvases, albums, etc.) from me, however I understand that most of my kickass clients don't come from the traditional skool and want something a little more. You want it, you got it! Cut, crop, glue, layer, and design to your little heart's content.

You can email me for your copy of my 2009/2010 Arsenal Guide. Dates are booking up for next year, so be sure to get with me soon!

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BH said...

Nice job. :) Very creative displays. I really like the mats. :)