Wednesday, October 7, 2009

lots of new stuff coming soon!

I'm pretty stoked about some upcoming events I'll be announcing soon, so I thought I'd share a few little hints!

- I'll soon be introducing a wedding referral program. More details soon, but the basic gist is, if you've booked a wedding and refer one other kickass couple that books their wedding with us, you'll get a 16x20 canvas wall portrait of your favorite shot from your wedding, for FREE!

- I'm now exclusively offering the Finao ONE album with all wedding arsenals that include a bride & groom album. Did away with the boring stuff, now everything is completely customizable for the same price!

- New business cards are in the design phase. I'll announce the winner of the Sephora discount voucher very soon!

- Trade in your junk for discounted or even free sessions! Big post coming soon with more details about this. We all love money but sometimes it's not the best. I'm in need of a LOT of stuff for photo shoots so I'm compiling a wish list of items I'd love to have on hand. I'll be posting the wish list soon, and if you have something on hand that's on the list, we can negotiate your session fee!! This is one of the best opportunities of the year for discounted portrait shoots, and I'll likely only be running this special for about 2 weeks.

- Last but not least, I've been dying to really delve into this and make an official announcement but I'm not quite ready yet. Still waiting on a few key pieces of equipment to really get it all up to the caliber I want it to be at before officially introducing this as part of my business. But here are two words that should give you a hint:

silent films.

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pink coffee photoart said...

you have a lot going on! the "trade your stuff" idea is genius-and i can't wait to see what's on that wish list of yours!