Wednesday, October 28, 2009

lauren gherardi (photographer shooting photographer.)

I have soooo much blogging to catch up on very soon!

Lauren is a stylish and talented fashion/portrait photographer in Jacksonville. I modeled for her and Michelle of Oeil over the summer so she returned the favor for me on a whim the other night and jumped in front of my lens. My original plan was to shoot on an old piano that had been dumped in the woods near my house, that I found probably a year ago. Flying by the seat of my pants in true Tara fashion, we headed down there to find that I should have checked it out ahead of time, because it had rotted and decayed so much that it had completely fallen to the ground and was covered in vines, weeds, and brush. Entirely unusable for what I had in mind. So we went a little further down the dirt road to try for the boat that I shot Emily on last year. Lo and behold, the fiberglass hull had been completely busted up by someone and thrown into the bushes. So we wound up wingin' it in the grass, then hit up the back of a shopping center on the way home.

IMG_5455 copy

IMG_5488 copy

IMG_5464 copy

IMG_5535 copy

IMG_5503 copy

IMG_5510 copy

You can check out Lauren's photography work, here. :) Thanks Lauren!


BH said...

Nice job! I particularly like the one of her holding the lantern in the grass.

pink coffee photoart said...

these rock!!! my favorites are the 3rd on and last one-WOW. i love how you creatively incorporate light with your night shoots!

Oeil Photography said...

Tara is MAGIC!!!

hey you want to do a film shoot sometime ? that would be fun! I have all these cameras that i dont use

Tara said...

Heck yeah!! I do to...