Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jax Shoot Club (september shootout.)

A huge thank you to everyone involved in putting together last night's shootout! The location was cool, the models were perfect, and from what I've seen so far, everyone was able to get some great images.

Quite a few familiar faces were present - 80 photographers in total - and Jess Cumbie and I got to collab again in a roundabout, semi-unfortunate kinda way! As she was snapping her first test shots, the mirror mechanism inside the body of her 5D fell apart. Fortunately she's able to get it repaired for only $30, but she was cameraless the rest of the evening except shooting a little bit with her medium format camera. The rest of the night she pretty much helped me light, which was a huge help for a lot of my shots! :)

I spent all day developing new processes in LightRoom from these photos so some of them have a new look and feel.

Thank you to the models for being so patient with all of us. I'll give credit where credit is due just as soon as I find out all your names!

We even had a canine model present! I was very excited over the fact that this dog was so well-behaved because my mom's Boston terrier is the spawn of satan. ;)

IMG_4405 copy

IMG_4418 copy

IMG_4417 copy

IMG_4482 copy

IMG_4454 copy

IMG_4448 copy

IMG_4456 copy

IMG_4512 copy

IMG_4513 copy

IMG_4524 copy

IMG_4501 copy

I brought my Mamiya out for the shoot! At the time these shots were taken of Lauren holding the camera, I had a roll of black and white in it. :) Still have to finish off the roll, so it will be a little bit, but I can't wait to see what (if anything) comes out of it...

IMG_4549-2 copy

IMG_4557 copy

IMG_4551-2 copy

A new "tin-type" process I recently developed:

IMG_4560 copy

IMG_4594 copy

IMG_4619 copy

IMG_4605 copy

Yes, I'm super-indecisive:

IMG_4685 copy

IMG_4651 copy

IMG_4647 copy

Jess and I really got to play with lighting at the fire station:

IMG_4696 copy

IMG_4732 copy

IMG_4848 copy

IMG_4795 copy

IMG_4776 copy

I also made a deal with myself NOT to use any textures on anything this time. Not washing my hands clean of them forever, but cleaning up for a little (maybe temporary) change...


Jess Cumbie said...

Siiiiiiiick!!!!! love them!!!

Stephanie Lynn Photography said...

Very Nice. I love all of your ligting. I've gotta get me one of those lighting girls, Lol! Love the photos of Lauren with the camera, awesome!

Maggie said...

Love these! Wondeful job! Lauren rocks too! :)

BH said...

Beautiful! Beautiful! (Love the Choppy too. :))