Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jax Shoot Club (behind the scenes.)

Some behind the scenes shots from the Jax Shoot Club's first group shootout in downtown Jacksonville.

I love it when I catch other people's flashes on my exposure: ;)

IMG_3761 copy

IMG_3760 copy

IMG_3664 copy

IMG_3664 copy

IMG_3674 copy

IMG_3743 copy

Melanie, dress-fixer extraordinaire:

IMG_3748 copy

IMG_3644 copy

Shain snapping a shot of Ginger and Lyndsay.

Ginger, Lyndsay, & Shain

IMG_3529 copy

IMG_3518 copy

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Sentimental Visions Photography said... made me look a HECK of a lot better than I actually look.