Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Aliye's expecting! (st. augustine beach maternity photography)

Aliye called me a few weeks ago to talk about a maternity shoot she wanted to do to surprise her husband, who is away in the Navy, when he comes back for the baby to be born! Aliye's expecting a little girl in October, and her husband has no idea we did these while he's been away! I love being in on little surprises like that. :)

When Aliye called me she said she'd been scouring the internet for "unique" photographers in the area and I believe she stated specifically, "I don't want those boring shots of mom just smiling and holding her belly, everyone does that!" She had been looking at my web site, then called her friend Natasha to find out who had done her bridal photos. It didn't click at first, of course, since I shot Natasha and Chris' bridals when I was still shooting under Breaking Tradition Studios, but she was ecstatic to find out I was the same photographer she'd been eyeing all along. :)

Aliye's husband is an avid surfer so she wanted something beachy, but without all the cheese that normally comes along with oceanside portrait shoots. With Natasha's assistance in aiming the flowy fabric into the wind, we went for some neotraditional posing in a pretty traditional place. The result? Another gorgeous maternity dreamscape, as I like to call them... blissful mommyhood. :) Mission:Accomplished.

IMG_4102 copy copy copy

IMG_4059 copy copy

IMG_4182-2 copy

IMG_4162 copy

IMG_4080 copy copy

Helloooooo 16x20 canvas for the baby's room!!!

IMG_4138 copy copy

IMG_4091 copy

IMG_4117 copy copy

Aliye, I wish you and Scott the best with your new family! I'm so lucky to have been the one to document this moment in your life! :) Thank you!


Amanda Register said...

I'm in love with the 3rd shot! And your photo sig rox.

Jennifer Ring Photography said...

just awesome Tara. I love all of them!!