Thursday, July 2, 2009

Safe Animal Shelter needs our help!

I'm blessed to have, by far, THE coolest pit bull on the planet. :)

See? Told you. :p And I'll always use her as an excuse to plug animal rescue! Every day she makes me laugh. If ever a dog had a personality, it's the Piggy. But before Piggy even learned how to be funny, she went through this:

I had no idea what I was eventually going to get myself into when I took this poor thing in my home to nurse her back to health until she was adoptable. From time to time I foster all kinds of dogs through local no-kill animal rescue organizations, but only big ones, as I grew up around big dogs and "bully breeds". I got a call one day about a very sickly, malnourished, and abused 10 month old pit. No one else that volunteered for the organization had enough time to take care of her, and they were very nervous about her temperament since she came from a dogfighting ring. I was working part time at the time so I said "sure". Of course my original intention was to just be her foster mom, give her medicine and skin treatments, take her to the vet, and send her on her merry way when she was all better. Long story short, when I got there to pick her up, I was told she was very timid and that it may take some work to get her to come out of the dog house in the backyard. I went around the house and opened the gate to the kennel and peered into the dog house. Little glistening yellow eyes peered back up at me from under heavy, scabbed eyelids. She gave me a once over and came straight to me. It was like she knew this was her chance to get out and live. I saved her life and she knew it. She became attached to me over the weeks, as I to her.

It took literally around $2,000 worth of donated funds to get her to grow fur and gain 15 pounds. It took very expensive special shampoos and dips, lots of healthy food, countless bottles of antibiotics, a de-wormer made for horses, and a de-wormer made for swine and cattle. I would have never been able to afford her recovery alone, and thanks to kind and compassionate people that made donations, I was able to save her life and laugh at her antics every day. Now that we got the problems under control and she actually learned how to be a dog outside of a tiny crate and push our human buttons by diggin' holes under the fig tree and dancing around the kitchen for a piece of cheese.

Not every animal that ends up in foster care or a shelter has such severe and expensive medical needs, but a lot of the time people donate to cover medical expenses such as vaccines and sterilization, and don't even think about the little things like pet food.

Safe Animal Shelter in Middleburg is running out of food and we can't let that happen now, can we?

The NO-KILL shelter has been open since 1991 and has placed thousands of dogs and cats with loving families. Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that many more animals are ending up in shelters because of the economy and their families not being able to afford them or take them when they are forced to move. Of course none of this is the poor animal's fault, still they suffer. Safe Animal Shelter is asking for donations of pet food, and you can go directly to their web site and make a donation via credit card or PayPal. It's fast! Please help out! :)


BH said...

Our pets don't ask for much. And, they give sooo much in return.

Thank you. And, my "grand dog" thanks you too! ;)

Tripple A said...

tara, that second picture makes me so sad, but the first one makes me happy!! i'm going to check out the safe animal shelter site, 'cause no. we can't let that happen!