Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Accidentally good photography.

This was a complete accident, but by far one of the coolest shots I've ever taken. This is Greg, my roommate. Well, his eye anyway. I asked him if I could do some macro shots of his eyes and this was the first one that I took.

IMG_1485 copy

PS: This was a technique I call "poor man's macro", so it's slightly grainy. If you're interested, do a search, you'll figure it out. ;)


Mel Watson said...

okay so that made my eyeballs hurt. I have such a weird eyeball thing. Like if you get something in your eye and it hurts mine hurt out of sympathy. I'm so not right. Still quite impressive despite my eyeball pains.

Jess Cumbie said...

doooooood! You're like macgyver!

Tara said...

Thanks guys, Mel you crack me up!

BH said...

Wow! That's pretty clever. :)

Scary reflection, though. ;) Jis kiddin. ;)