Thursday, May 21, 2009

Southern Belle Bombshell from Hell (Vilano Beach portrait photography.)

Ashley and I headed to the top-secret tunnel last night for some late night shooting. It's been raining lately... nothing better to do...

I'll get this one overwith first. It's a great shot so I figured I'd share it, but it really bugs me personally. This is actually one of the last shots of the night. The rain let up outside the tunnel so we went out to make use of some big floodlights that were on the walls, and I filled her face hard from camera left with a video light. I had left all my stuff inside the tunnel and we were getting really tired so I was too lazy to run back and grab a different lens. I shot this with the ultrawide and cropped it in really close. The whole time I was editing her closeups, I couldn't quit thinking of Chris Crocker(!). Sad, but true. Ashley, it's not you dear, it's me and my stupid lens and laziness and dumb imagination that goes wild when editing at 4am!

But you do have gorgeous eyes. :)

ashley 170 copy

Anyway, on to the goods!

ashley 042-2 copy

ashley 041-2 copy

ashley 136-2 copy

ashley 152-2 copy

I usually don't go this wild with textures and this was a completely playing-around accident. But it's all right to go wild once in awhile.

ashley 079 copy

Dani found all these pieces of plants that had blown into the tunnel during the storms so we made use of them in Ashley's hair.

ashley 047-2 copy

ashley 070-2 copy

ashley 166-2 copy

ashley 113-2 copy

ashley 065-2 copy

(Ashley's portrait tattoo work was done by Ralph Royals at Untouchable Tattoo, who also does most of my work.)


Melanie Watson said...

Awesome! 3rd and last shots are my favorite. Awesome lighting all around. :)

BH said...

I like the eyes and the hair. Nice job. :)

Stephanie Lynn Photography said...

These are awesome. Girl I would really love to shoot with you someday. you should set up the next girl's shoot. I love your style. Reminds me of my college days. :)

Tara said...

@steph I'd love to! I'm ironing out the final details of the June Strobist meetup, and we're probably gonna get crazy with it so I hope you can make it! After that maybe we'll plan the next girls day!

Anonymous said...

it is totally ok to go wild once in a while. I love this set of photos. Beautiful images!!! Love the location too!