Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nine Inch Nails & Jane's Addiction (florida concert photography.)

Finally had time to go through my thousands of shots and weed out the good ones. I can't say enough good things about last weekend or this show! I had an absolute blast. We missed the opening band (Street Sweeper Social Club), and NIN played second because Trent said he wanted to be able to relax and watch one of his favorite bands (Jane's Addiction) after their set. :) Both bands clearly rehearsed well, as it seemed they kicked the tour off as comfortably as if we had met them mid-tour. Despite one fairly major glitch, the whole show was entirely worth both the seat tickets AND lawn tickets we bought, even though we never made it up to the lawn. Trent came back out onstage, apparently for NIN's encore, then fitfully threw his mic down and stormed offstage when he realized someone had pulled the plug on the PA. So, no encore from NIN, but their performance was killer, as has come to be expected.

Second time seeing (and shooting) NIN, and first time seeing Jane's Addiction, though I've been listening to them since my mom probably was telling me not too...

After the first couple of songs from Jane's Addiction, Perry Farrell started talking about how they'd been around for a really long time now, and how the crowd rocked just as hard as we did back in high school! :P Gee, I feel old suddenly... I've been listening to them since probably junior high. Which they don't even call junior high anymore (it's middle school now), so apparently I AM getting old.

Anyway, without further ado, the NIN/JA2009 Tour:

NIN's Setlist (WARNING! SPOILER for those who haven't been to a show yet, skip this and head to the pics if you don't want to know!)

Somewhat Damaged
March of the Pigs
Heresy (amazing!)
The Becoming
I'm Afraid of Americans (DOUBLE AMAZING! But no David Bowie.)
Mr. Self Destruct (a fav of mine)
The Fragile
Gone, Still
Right Where it Belongs
The Way Out is Through
Wish (amazzzzing!)
The Hand that Feeds
Head Like a Hole (to which I did the "hippie dance" in the middle of my aisle, as I said I would!)

Jane's Addiction's Setlist
Three Days
Ain't No RIght
Pigs in Zen
Then She Did
Been Caught Stealing (sooo fun!)
Ted, Just Admit It
Mountain Song
Up the Beach
Jane Says (kudos on the stark acoustic sound)

Dani did get video of some of NIN's performance, which I plan to edit and stick up later in the week.

nin janes addiction 187 copy

nin janes addiction 261

nin janes addiction 262

nin janes addiction 240

nin janes addiction 177

nin janes addiction 352

nin janes addiction 337

nin janes addiction 379

nin janes addiction 368

nin janes addiction 358

nin janes addiction 546

nin janes addiction 452

nin janes addiction 501

nin janes addiction 369

nin janes addiction 506


Some downtime between sets... those two guys in the middle at the bottom (the bald guy and the one to his right) are cool because they were wearing Tool shirts. :)

nin janes addiction 617

Mom may not have been out of place. Actually, my grandma may not have been either. All ages were present, from little kids to little old ladies.

nin janes addiction 623

nin janes addiction 624

nin janes addiction 627

Looks like mountains on the horizon, but it was just clouds.

nin janes addiction 336

Jorge and Eric checking out the video we got on the P&S.

nin janes addiction 621

I took notes. :)

upcoming shows cruzan amphitheater


nin janes addiction 788

nin janes addiction 742

nin janes addiction 772

nin janes addiction 774

nin janes addiction 906

Perry Farrell enjoys drinking.

perry farrell drinking sequence

A lot.

nin janes addiction 927

nin janes addiction 928

nin janes addiction 926

Told you.

nin janes addiction 941

nin janes addiction 944

And Dave Navarro likes to smoke.

nin janes addiction 968

nin janes addiction 965

nin janes addiction 891

nin janes addiction 902

Visuals from the huge, stage-width drop down screen.

janes addiction screen smoking

janes addiction women screen sequence

janes addiction women screen sequence 2

janes addiction women screen sequence 3

Jane Says.

nin janes addiction 1044

nin janes addiction 1012

Taking a bow...

nin janes addiction 1091

And... The End.

nin janes addiction 950

We'll miss you, NIN. Please don't stay gone for too long.


pink coffee photoart said...

tara, i was going to say the 3rd picture down is my favorite, but then i kept scrolling, and they just kept getting better. you have such a talented eye for shooting concerts. i feel like i was there!

BH said...

Nice job. :) And, nice job talking your way in past security with all the extra camera equipment. LOL

"Look at those boys without no shirts on..." OK...I digress.

Ahem...for those who do not know me, I look nothing like those old ladies. Hey! I watch "What Not to Wear"! And...keep in mind. I saw Jimi Hendrix and The Who in concert. Oops! I just dated myself didn't I? LOL

BTW...I have "I'm Afraid of Americans" (David Bowie)on my MP3 player. ;)