Thursday, May 7, 2009

Going South

Dani and I are headed to West Palm Beach tomorrow for the first stateside show on Nine Inch Nails' LAST tour in America!

Trent does what he wants, including releasing full-length, self-produced albums, free of any money-grubbing record company. So it's really no big surprise that he put in effect an open camera policy for the last tour. Ticketholders are allowed to bring in video cameras and/or still cameras to shoot whatever they want of the last show. That's simply amazing, and of course I'm taking advantage of it!

I'll be unreachable until Sunday. I promise to respond to all emails and phone calls early in the week. :) Have a rockin' weekend!!!

NIN October 29 2008 4 Justin Meldal-Johnsen Trent Reznor Robin Finck

(Point n shoot action from last October's Jacksonville show.)

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