Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nick's Night Shoot (st. augustine portrait photography.)

Nick's girlfriend, Jenny, and yours truly spent an evening shaving Nick's head, bleaching it, coloring it, and spiking it. With all that effort I had to shoot it.

hotel elevator shaft (mug shot.):

nick 070-2 copy

Nick makes awesome belt buckles out of car & truck badges:

nick 007-2 copy

little Nick, big palm tree:

nick 045-2 copy copy

♥ ♥ ♥ the color:

nick 060-2 copy

and now for some rooftop fun: long exposures and painting with the led moonlight:

nick 127-2 copy

nick 118-2 copy

(new faaaavvv.):

nick 115-2 copy

and after I breaked for an hour to violently puke up my Village Inn from previously in the day, on to finish up at the crane with some more creative lighting. (these shots implemented strobe, the led moonlight, video light, and safety flares, and me running and dry heaving during 15 second exposures while Nick held still. good times.):

nick 186-2 copy

nick 164-2 copy

nick 185-2 copy

ok, maybe another new faaaavvv.:

nick 143-2 copy

1 comment:

BH said...

LOL!!! Nick yo mama and daddy gonna kill you! :) :) :) I had no idea it was him from the sneak preview!

OK...the crane one it my fav. This made my day!!! (Still chuckling!)