Monday, April 20, 2009

Elizabeth's Expecting! (st. augustine maternity photography.)

I've been really busy lately. Met up with Beth this evening for an awesome beach shoot. This will be her THIRD cutiepie!

IMG_5139 copy

Beth, you rock!

IMG_5021 copy

And you too, little one in the belly, you rock by default because your mom rocks!!!

IMG_5036 copy

IMG_5009 copy

IMG_5141 copy copy

IMG_5146 copy

IMG_5128 copy

IMG_5120 copy

IMG_5189 copy

IMG_5184 copy copy

IMG_5169 copy

IMG_5157 copy copy

IMG_5031 copy

IMG_5008 copy copy

IMG_5058 copy

IMG_5052 copy

Look for more in the next month or two when she gets a little bigger. :)


Anonymous said...

These are fantastic photos! You really are talented. She is beautiful.

BH said...

Those are beautiful. :) I think my favs are the ones lying on the sand. :) Really nice.

Bludsworth Studios said...

Awesome shots! I think they match the client

Tara said...

Thanks guys! :D

pink coffee photoart said...

are you serious??!! this is my favorite maternity session ever. she does rock, and so do you-WOW! what a hot mamma-i hope i look that good when i'm pregnant one day. :)