Saturday, April 18, 2009

bridal fashion with Lauren (jacksonville wedding photography.)


IMG_4764-2 copy

(another photographer on the set asked Lauren, "You've modeled before, haven't you?"

her reply: " I just watch America's Next Top Model..." ;)

IMG_4776 copy

there were "people going to heaven" everywhere during the shoot yesterday. (mom said when I was a kid I would point to the sky when I saw an airplane trail because I thought it was people going to heaven... such a dreamer!) We couldn't have asked for a prettier evening. Keep scrolling and check out the windy shots...

IMG_4768 copy

IMG_4801 copy

Lauren, you are ROCKIN!

IMG_4779 copy

IMG_4837 copy

IMG_4833 copy copy

IMG_4843 copy

(maxwell house: good to the last drop.)

IMG_4869 copy

IMG_4902 copy copy

IMG_4901 copy

IMG_4895 copy

(more people goin' to heaven!)

IMG_4892 copy

IMG_4878 copy

IMG_4877 copy

THANKS Lauren, hope you love 'em!


Brandi said...

These are awesome. Very dramatic!!

BH said...

Cool! Love how the wind takes the veil and just goes with it. :)