Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beauty Dish Bridals (Green Cove Springs bridal fashion photography.)

Just a couple. :)

IMG_5848 copy

IMG_5855 copy

I mainly used the beauty dish / flash on a lower power setting for fill light in the front here. Nothing too dramatically different, just a soft fill.

And a random candid... Somebody said they saw a lizard. Stacey wasn't too excited about that.

IMG_5858 copy


Jennifer Ring Photography said...

These are great Tara! I've never heard of a beauty dish but I love it!! I might just have to look into getting me one to those nifty things! beautiful!!

Tara said...

It really is neat and mine was probably less than 10 bucks to make because I had most of the stuff already laying around. I recommend trying to make your own to see if you like it... "real deals" cost upwards of $200.

BH said...

Beautiful. :)

The last one is really funny too!